-I’m still single cuz God up there is busy writing my love story up there.

-I would probably say,” If you care avout sisters future getting stolen away from her you then why don’t you just disappear??”

-It turns out a devil can also change…

-The once weak toy to be bullied became a demon:)

-You call it Jeasouly?? I call it fear of losing you…

-If you don’t want a sarcastic answer then don’t ask stupid questions.

-You haven’t seen my bad yet, believe me you won’t even love it…

-There is no beauty without some strangeness….

-Sadness is like a drug it takes you away from reality and makes you see in a whole new diffrent way…?

-May God have mercy on enemies cause I won’t;)

-She wore her darknesslile some girls would their black dresses.

-You can’t sell dreams to someone who has just walked the path of nightmare.

-Demons are like obedient dogs they come when they are called….

-Dear Future Husband-

1.Find God…

2.Fine Yourself…

3.Then come find meπŸ˜‚…

-Your on a vacation but your mouth is wroking overtime.-.

-Brains aren’t everything, In your case they are nothing!!!

-If I hada face like yours, I’d sue my parents….

-If laughter is the best medice then your face must be curing others…..

-The trash gets picked yp tomorow,get ready…!!

– Your like Monday, no one likes you;)

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