What is the meaning of life…

Life is something which you get from God and who is our creator creates us all of them unique well unique where we can follow our own paths and discover new things get to know what people are out here. You should be lucky to have this life cuz some of them do not get the right chance to be born. We are made for a reason if someone feels down or anything they feel insecure or worthless and all. Well heres one tip for you cry crying can release stress and it is said that people who cannot cry are not strong cuz they cannot show their tears in fornt of people to just act strong well when something hurts you really very badly they can’t control it and feel like crying. Open the doors to your life so that you know what your missing out on something really very great:) It doesnt matter however you look or what all do you do. All that matters is yourself and if someone judges you ask them first if they are that perfect. Before you start to judge yourself try saying this,”I will try my best tomorrow no matter how long it takes.” This is not just a sentence its worth saying this thing.

(I’m sorry about the short one i will be posting a picture once I’m writing this and yes I know this not the best that I wrote I’m just writing this cuz this is what i learnt today in my history class it was really very inspiring for me. I just hope so that you like this and follow me back. Thank you so much for reading this and liking and folowing me back:) )

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