Famous Anime Quotes!!!

-Happiness is like a glass its around but only invisible…

-I’m getting depressed looking at your face…. Then stop looking!!

-Don’t listen to your enemies they are just full of JEALOUSY!!!!

-They say I’m way too obssessed and got nothing left and that I’m not quiet there yet but those words they will regret cuz I won’t stop till the end……

-Words cut deeper than knives, a knife can ve pulled out but the words are embedded into our souls.

-If I’m an angel paint me with black wings!!

-Devils don’t fly, so don’t expect me to fall!!!

-I got chains and you got wings, life ain’t fair sometimes…..

-I don’t care if anyone likes me it not lile I was created in this world to entertain everyone!!!!

-I’m not lazy, I’m just consuming energy.-.!

-H-o-p-e-H-Hold O-On P-Pain E-Ends:)

-Chin up princess or the crown slips.

-Smile cuz it makes your enemies jealous!

-When you start seeing your worth, you will find harder to stay around people who won’t.

-Tears come from the t not the brain.

-In every demon a angel hides and in every angel the dev strides.

-I hear the angels come me again.

-I opened two eyes today and they were my eyes.

-Never forget that there were once heartless people who cared too much…

-Emotions are nothing but secretion of hormones;)

-Meeting you was like listening to a song for the first time and knowing it would be my favourite…..!!

-Kill them with success and bury them with a smile…

-What would you do if money was no object!?!?(I need to know in comments)

-Happiness is found when you stop comparing yoursef to others…

-Don’t every be afraud of showing who you really ae cuz as long as your happy with yourself nothing else matters!!

-Never dream of success, work for it!!!!

-You have to say no to a lot if good things in order to be able to say yes to a lot of great things!!

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